Which Is the Best Airbrush Makeup Kit?

Thinking about buying an airbrush makeup kit?

After comparing dozens of brands, we think the Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup PRO Starter Kit is the best one for most people including beginners.

The Watson & Webb Airbrush make-up Kit is the best one if you are looking for a low-cost beginner-friendly kit while the TEMPTU 2.0 Premier Airbrush Makeup Kit is ideal if you want a premium salon-performance kit.

What is an Airbrush Makeup Kit?

You’ve probably only heard of airbrushing when reading about Hollywood celebrities and red carpet events. But it’s something you can also do at home without spending a lot of money.

The traditional way of applying makeup is by using brushes, sponges and sometimes even fingers. Airbrushing replaces all these with an all-in-one spray-based system. It takes a bit more time to become good with an airbrush makeup kit compared to a traditional kit but the results are usually better.

An airbrush produces a more even and natural-looking finish. It also gives your face a certain glow you can’t get with traditional brushes. That’s why airbrushing is so popular during weddings and proms.

Airbrushing is also great for oily skin that tends to look greasy and caked with most makeups. The light airy coat of makeup from an airbrush mist leaves only the thinnest of layers that doesn’t block pores or appear greasy or caked.

Another advantage of airbrushing over traditional makeup is that applications last longer. A single application will last a full day without requiring any re-application in the office bathroom. It also withstands rain, tears and sweat better than traditional makeup.

Components of an Airbrush Makeup Kit

Most airbrush makeup kits contain three main items.

The air compressor – This is the part that powers the air that carries a mist of makeup onto your face. It is the largest component and is also the one that you connect to a power outlet. Most air compressors come with a dial for changing air pressure.

The stylus – This is the ‘gun’, the part that shoots the spray mist onto your skin. The stylus usually contains the opening where you add your makeup and a chamber where the makeup mixes.

It also contains the trigger. The trigger can be single action (depressing the trigger releases both air pressure and makeup) or double action (depressing the trigger only releases air pressure; you also have to pull it back to release the makeup).

A double action stylus gives you more control over air pressure and amount of mist. But it’s harder to learn to use. A single action stylus is best for beginners.

The air hose – This is the part that connects the air compressor to the stylus. It carries air under pressure to the stylus.

In addition to these components an airbrush makeup kit also comes with a few bottles of foundation. Other kits may also include blush and highlighter. You can also buy your own makeup but make sure it’s formulated specifically for airbrushing.

What to consider when buying a Makeup Kit

Choose a kit that is easy to use. It should have clear instructions and easy-to-use controls. You can still go for a double-action stylus if you are a beginner but know it will take a few tries before you get it right.

Also check that it comes with some makeup so that you won’t need to buy your own immediately. It should include different tones of foundation, blush and highlighter. Some kits also include a bronzer.

The Best Airbrush Makeup Kits

These are our favourite airbrush makeup kits, from those available to buy online in the UK. They are all designed as starter kits so they should be easy to use even if you’ve never used one before.

1. The Best Airbrush Makeup Kit for Most People: Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup PRO Starter Kit

Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup PRO Starter Kit


  • Affordable.
  • Long lasting application (at least 10hrs)
  • Efficient double action stylus.
  • Versatile blend of foundation, highlighter, blush and bronzer.


  • A bit of a learning curve.
  • It comes with water-based makeup that doesn’t work with oil-based primers.


If you are looking for a good starter kit that doesn’t cost too much and is easy to use this one is perfect.

The kit includes a small air compressor that is great for use at home or when travelling, a pro double action stylus and enough makeup to last you a few months.

The makeup includes sixteen 6ml bottles of foundation, six 6ml bottles of blush, one 6ml bottle of highlighter and one 6ml bottle of bronzer.

So basically everything you need for your morning makeup routine. The foundation and blush comes in several tones that you can get creative with to create unique shades.

What it does best

While there is a bit of a learning curve this kit is fairly easy to use even for complete beginners.

To use it you first plug it in, then adjust the pressure using the dial on the compressor, add your makeup to the stylus and get ready to blast away.

The makeup is water-based. This is good news for those with sensitive or oily skin but not so much if you are used to an oil-based primer. It will simply run off on your face. Either use a water-based primer or no primer at all.

The precision double-action airbrush leaves a smooth, light and even coat of makeup on your face. As long as you do it right there should be no caking or streaking.

After application it can easily last for 10 hours.

Flaws but not deal breakers

As I said it requires a learning curve. Unless you’ve worked with makeup airbrushes before you are not going to be perfect the first time. It’s basically a bit of trial and error before finding which pressure, makeup blend and pre-makeup prep best works for you.

I recommend using the sheet of paper they include in the package to practice your technique.

What other customers think

Most customers agree that it takes some practice before you get the airbrushing right. There’s going to be some mistakes especially if you are a beginner. But you’ll learn pretty fast. Once most users get the hang of it they never go back to brushes and sponges.

Should you buy it?

Definitely. It’s fairly easy to use, the included makeup is high quality and the price is great.

2. The Best Budget Airbrush Makeup Kit: Watson & Webb Airbrush make-up Kit


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use single-action stylus.
  • Long-lasting makeup.
  • Perfect for beginners.


  • Only 4 bottles of foundation are included.


If you are a complete beginner in airbrushing you probably need a kit that is not only easy to use but cheap enough that it doesn’t feel like a big risk.

This kit by Watson & Webb is perfect. It costs less than £100 and is designed for absolute beginners though it’s also a great budget option for those who have a bit more experience.

It comes with four 8ml bottles of foundations from Dinair. The four shades are Alabaster, Olive beige, vanilla and Natural beige.

What it does best

It’s one of the easiest airbrushing kits to use.

The air compressor unit is small and easy to travel with. It comes with a UK plug so no need to get a converter.

You can select among three speeds. There is also an integrated holder on the compressor where you can safely store the stylus when not in use.

The stylus itself is single-action. While not as efficient as double-action types it’s much easier to use.

Flaws but not deal breakers

The included makeup will not last very long. There are only four bottles of foundation compared to the 16 included in the Aeroblend kit. There is no blush, highlighter or bronzer.

So you have to make plans to buy more makeup. Make sure the one you buy is formulated specifically for use with an airbrush. Normal makeup is too thick and could clog the stylus.

What other customers think

They love it especially those who are using an airbrush for the first time. They say it’s easy to use and they love the results.

Should you buy it?

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly budget airbrush makeup kit, go for it.

3. The Best Premium Airbrush Makeup Kit: TEMPTU 2.0 Premier Airbrush Makeup Kit


  • Salon-level performance and results.
  • Easy to use single-action stylus.
  • 12-bottle foundation set included.
  • Includes airbrush cleaning kit.


  • Pricey.
  • No highlighter or blush.


If you want the closest thing to a professional airbrushing at a salon, this is the best kit to get. It includes a compressor, a single-action spray gun and a set of 12 S/B foundations in different shades.

The compressor is lightweight and compact enough to carry in your bag when on the road. It is integrated with a holder/cradle where you can place the stylus when you are not using it.

What it does best

This kit is designed for enhanced performance. For instance the compressor can go up to 30 PSI. Most home kits go only up to 15 PSI. This gives you more versatility when it comes to applying the makeup.

The gun is single-action and produces a strong continuous airflow that provides a smooth even coating.

The makeup itself is very high quality. Just a single application in the morning lasts for more than 12 hours.

One other feature you’ll like is the included cleaning kit. It’s great for keeping your airbrush clean and hygienic.

Flaws but not deal breakers

It would have been nice if they’d included other makeup like blush and highlighter instead of just foundation. But you can easily buy them separately. Remember to look for those formulated specifically for airbrush kits.

What other customers think

Most customers loved it. They say it is easy to use and they love that it comes with a cleaning kit.

The only complaint I have seen is that the trigger can become a bit problematic after a while but it’s a minor issue.

Should you buy it?

If you need something a bit more high-performing this is a great choice. It costs more but it’s a worthwhile investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does airbrush makeup look natural?

Airbrush make up is a very natural looking, well, look! Instead of layering on the foundation with a trowel, airbrush make up is applied a little like spray paint, using a specially designed applicator.

Airbrush make up  gives a lovely, lightweight finish, and makes the whole effect look very natural and beautiful, rather than heavy handed and “caked” on the face.

Most make up artist have different settings for different areas of the face; you can have a different application for the cheeks and the eyes, for example.

Airbrush make up is great for those who have oily skin and who struggle to keep make up on the face – it is waterproof and easily absorbed by the skin.

There are some foundations that don’t work so well with airbrush format, but you can discover this for yourself or ask your beautician what the best products for you are.

2. Is an airbrush makeup kit worth it?

An airbrush make up kit is not cheap, let’s not beat around the bush. But, if you compare it to years and years of buying brushes and sponges and various other applicators, all of which add up to a fair bit of money over time, then you can actually think of it as an investment.

When you invest in an airbrush make up kit, all you will have to buy is the colour products you are using. No more buying brushes! No more CLEANING brushes! Ahh, the freedom and ease of this life!

It can be tricky to work out how to work these nifty little machines the first time you encounter one, and to be fair they are not as easy to transport as your make up bag – but if you are looking for a flawless finish for a fancy occasion, or if you are someone who wears a lot of make up on a regular basis, then you could do a lot worse than investing in one of these clever devices.

3. How do I prepare my skin for airbrush makeup?

Before applying any make up, you need to start with a clean slate, as it were.

  • Cleanse and moisturise your skin before using airbrush make up.
  • Exfoliate well too, so that your skin is free from excess oils and gunk that can affect your make up.
  • Use a good toner, to ensure your skin is receptive to the make up.
  • Moisturise well, and ensure that the moisturiser is fully absorbed before you apply the make up.
  • Apply the make up from a distance, to allow a natural look and prevent any build up.
  • Don’t go too heavy. Over application of any make up can make you look artificial. Have a look as you go, and if it looks good then stop, before you go too far!
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