Which Is The Best Electric Face And Eye Massager?

Looking for a good quality electric face and eye massager? We’ve compared dozens of different face massagers, looked at their features and read customer reviews on each. We’ve picked three massagers as out top favourites from those available to buy online in the UK.

The La goodwind Home Electronic Face Massager is the best face massager with LED light therapy.

The SENSSE Facial Toner & Eye Massager is the best face massager with heat therapy.

And for those on a budget, the Anti Wrinkle Facial Beauty Massager by Chipark is affordable without compromising on features or versatility. In fact, it provides the best value for your money among all our picks.

What is a Face Massager?

A face massager is simply that, an electric tool for massaging your face.

Of course you can just massage your face with your fingers. Any type of face massage, whether done using fingers, a massage roller or an electric massager is beneficial. It increases blood flow to the face and boosts collagen production. This smoothens out fine lines and gives your face a nice glow.

It also relieves tension in your facial muscles, allowing your face to relax and look younger. You can also use facial massage to get rid of eye bags and puffiness.

A face massager is just a more efficient and quicker way of getting the results you are looking for. Your face will achieve a brighter glow and you can get rid of fine lines and puffiness more effectively.   

Facial massagers also come with multiple massage features that you can’t get with a basic finger massage. The most common one is ultrasonic vibration. The massager head vibrates rapidly against your skin to stimulate increased blood circulation and collagen production.

Many facial massagers also provide LED light therapy, a proven form of skin treatment that can help tighten the skin and reduce acne and breakouts.

You can use a face massager together with your face cleanser to clean grime and excess oils from your skin. You can also use it to apply skin products such as essential oils or serum onto your face. It improves their absorption into the skin.

Benefits of a Face Massager

  • Increases blood flow to the face. This has all sorts of benefits including a younger-looking appearance, faster healing of wounds and breakouts and faster absorption of skin products.
  • Increases collagen production. This improves skin elasticity and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Face massagers with LED light therapy provide effective anti-aging treatment.
  • Helps in the treatment of acne, eczema and breakouts. LED light therapy in combination with ultrasonic vibration can get rid of acne and other breakouts.
  • Relieve muscle tension for a more youthful appearance.

What to consider when choosing a Face Massager

The most important thing to consider is what type of functions it offers. The more functions the better.

Check that it has ultrasonic vibration, that’s the most important one. LED light therapy is also a great addition especially if your skin is prone to breakouts. Another extra feature often included in many facial massagers is an ion cleanser. It improves skin cleansing and prevents pores from clogging.

Some other massagers also use heat to improve cleansing, blood circulation and skin tightening.

In addition to these features, make sure the face massager is easy to use. It should be small enough that you can carry it around in your bag and should also have a long-lasting battery.

The Best Face Massager

Best Face and Eye Massager With LED Light Therapy: La goodwind CM-2A Home Electronic Face Massager


  • Fast-acting LED light therapy that brightens dull skin and tightens sagging.
  • Ultrasonic deep massage to increase blood circulation and boost collagen production.
  • Ions-powered skin cleansing and absorption of nutrients.
  • Easy to use.


  • Instructions could be better (they are translated from another language).


If you want to enjoy the benefits of LED light therapy, I highly recommend this massager by La goodwind. It emits yellow LED light which has been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also great for skin lightening.

The massager has a nice compact design that is easy to hold in your hand and weighs just 9.1g. You can massage your face for long without feeling any strain on your hand.

All the buttons are easily accessible at the front and there is an LCD screen to show you which settings you have chosen. You can select the massage intensity level, change massage mode and turn the massager on or off.

When the battery gets low just place it onto its charging deck to recharge. It takes about 3 hours for the battery to fill up again.

While it’s generally safe for use and has no side effects, the manufacturer recommends against usage by pregnant women or cardiac patients. You should also not use it on an area where you’ve had cosmetic surgery or hair removal.

You should use it at most 3 times a week and for a maximum of 30 minutes per session.

What it does best

This is one of the most versatile face massagers you can buy. There are several ways to treat your skin.

Let’s start with the main one: ultrasonic massage. The probe head vibrates very rapidly as you move it around your face and under the eyes. The vibrations increase blood circulation and boost production of collagen. This reduces wrinkles and fine lines while giving your face a youthful glow.

Then there is the yellow LED light therapy. Yellow LED light is great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin cell rejuvenation for smoother skin and reducing skin inflammation. It’s also great for skin lightening and getting rid of discolorations.

There are 2 other ion-based treatments included in this face massager. The first one uses positive ions to draw out dirt from deep inside the pores. It helps with facial cleansing. The second one uses negative ions to improve the conduction of nutrients into the skin.

Flaws but not deal breakers

The main complaint I’ve read from customers is about the instructions manual. It seems to have been translated from another language so the instructions are a bit vague in some places.

But you can also check their Amazon page. It’s filled with additional usage tips and instructions.

What other customers think

A lot of customers were sceptical when buying this massager but they say it actually works. Within a few sessions they noticed fewer fine lines, smoother skin and a new glow to their face.

They say it’s gentle on their face and even those with sensitive skin love it.

Should you buy it?

Definitely. If you are looking for the absolute best face and eye massager, this is it.

Best Face and Eye Massager with Heat Therapy: SENSSE Hot & Cool Ultrasonic Skin Tightening Facial Toner & Eye Massager


  • Includes heat therapy.
  • Skin-tightening ultrasonic massage.
  • Ideal for home and travelling.
  • Lightweight design and easy to use.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Pricey compared to other face massagers.


It’s a bit pricey but this hot and cool ultrasonic facial massager is more than worth it. It improves skin tone within no time and cleanses your face better than most skin products.

It’s a small device weighing just 431g. You can hold it easily in your hands without getting tired. It feels really gentle on your face, producing a pleasant sensation that threatens to put you to sleep.

There are three modes you can use. The manufacturer recommends starting with the hot mode to soften your skin and improve permeability. This improves absorption of moisturisers and other nourishing products.

Then switch to the heat and vibrate mode. This combines heat therapy with ultrasonic massage. As the head vibrates rapidly against your skin, it boosts blood flow and increases collagen production. This leaves your face with a glow and erases fine lines.

To finish off, switch to cool mode. This ‘closes’ your pores to lock moisture inside. It also reduces the appearance of large pores.

One thing that impressed a lot of users is how quickly the massager switches from hot to cool mode. It only takes a few seconds for the head to cool down when you activate cool mode.

In hot mode, the massage head is a comfortable 42C. In cool mode it goes down to a pleasantly cool 6C.

What it does best

The SENSSE massager is the only one of our three picks that provides heat therapy, which is a proven way of reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

The heat encourages the skin to produce more collagen, which tightens the skin and creates a more youthful facial appearance. It also improves cleansing by drawing out dirty oils and dirt that has accumulated in the pores.

The heat mode in this facial massager is completely harmless. It heats up to just 42C, which should feel comfortable even for those with sensitive skin. If it starts to feel a bit too hot you can switch to cool mode and it will immediately cool down to 6C.

Flaws but not deal breakers

Compared to other facial massagers, it’s quite expensive. But I think it’s worth it and many customers agree. The additional heat therapy feature makes a big difference. After just a few sessions, your skin will feel smoother, softer and tighter.

What other customers think

They love it. Many say they have seen huge results within a short time. It reduces blemishes on the face, smoothens the skin and you can really feel the difference in tone.

Should you buy it?

If you want the benefits of heat therapy while also enjoying ultrasonic massage you should definitely buy it. Have a look at the current price.

Best Budget Face and Eye Massager: Chipark High Frequency Anti-Wrinkle Facial Beauty Massager


  • Affordable.
  • Includes LED light therapy.
  • Upgraded ultrasonic vibration massage for better results.
  • Lightweight design.


  • It’s a bit challenging to use on certain areas such as under the nose.


If you are looking for a cheaper face massager, this is a great choice. Despite the lower price tag it offers the same level of versatility as other pricier options.

There is the basic ultrasonic vibration therapy, which is actually more advanced and effective than that of other massagers. It also comes with LED light therapy and you can even choose what kind of light therapy you’d like (Red, Pink, Yellow or Blue).

It’s easy to use and because it weighs just 118g, it feels feather-light in your hand. You can move it around your face for as long as you like without tiring your hand.

After a full charge, which takes about 2 hours, it can run for a full hour continuously. But you should only use it for a maximum of 30 minutes. It comes with a travel-friendly charging base and adaptor.

What it does best

The level of versatility in this massager is surprising considering the price range. You can choose among multiple massage levels and modes depending on your skincare needs.

There are two main types of massages: light therapy and ultrasonic therapy.

You can select one of three modes. There is ultrasonic-only mode, a combined ultrasonic and LED light therapy mode for deep massage and a light therapy-only mode.

All these modes help improve your blood circulation, tighten your skin and cleanse your face. You can vary the intensity of each mode depending on your comfort preferences.

For the ultrasonic massage, there are four intensity levels from low frequency (penetrates deeper into the skin – for non-sensitive areas with thicker skin) to high frequency (for sensitive areas with thin skin such as lips or under the eyes).

As for the light therapy mode you can select Red LED (for fine lines and wrinkles), Pink (for skin brightening), Yellow (for shrinking pores and skin lightening) and Blue (for oily skin).

Flaws but not deal breakers

Because of the somewhat large head, it can be difficult to massage certain curved areas on your face such as under the nose or the eyes.

But it’s not impossible. It just takes some getting used to before you are able to properly target these areas.

What other customers think

Most of the customer feedback is positive. Customers say it’s easy to use and most importantly, it makes a big difference on their skin.

Should you buy it?

When it comes to value for your money, this is one of the best buys. Go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is electric massager good for face?

Massage is a wonderful, relaxing experience, whichever part of the body it is done on – and the face is no exception!

Facial massage can help to increase the blood flow to the skin, which can reduce puffiness and improve the circulation.

Massage on the face can help to relax the skin, thus removing the incidence of lines caused by stress and worry.

It can also help to tone the skin, leading to a more youthful looking face.

Facial massage can also help with lymphatic drainage – that is, removing excess fluid from underneath the skin – and can help to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.

2. Can I use face massager daily?

Massage is good for the face, there is no doubt about that. But can you use your face massager every day? The great news is that yes, you can! Unlike some other at home skin care devices, there is nothing at all harmful or dangerous about a face massager.

You cannot do yourself any harm at all with it, even if you use it every day, and the only side effects might be an increasingly radiant looking face!

In fact, it is recommended by skin care experts that using a hand held device is better than using your hands to massage.

This is because the device can easily be cleaned, and unlike massaging with your hands, there is no danger of transferring dirt, grease and grime to your skin when you massage with an electric massager.

Also, using an electric face massager, which is specially designed for the purpose, is actually more effective than massaging your face for yourself.

3. Can face massage change face shape?

Although you cannot change a round face into an oval one, or vice versa, chances are that you will really notice a difference in the contours of your face when you are using an electric face massager as part of your skin care routine. This is because you will be encouraging the lymph drainage, and removing any puffiness that you might be experiencing.

If you do it properly (you can find tutorials online, and your massager might well come with instruction as to the best way to massage for maximum results) then you will probably notice a big difference in your face shape.

You might not end with those razor sharp cheekbones you’ve always wanted, but you will definitely notice a difference in the contours of your face. Using a face massager every day is like having a mini face lift in your bathroom cabinet!

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