The Best Freckle Removal Cream [Reviews And Buying Guide]

Freckles are common on people with fair skin. They occur when too much melanin is concentrated in certain spots instead of spreading out in an even tan. Though not considered a skin disorder, it does not mean that everyone is okay with having freckles on the face. As beauty standards move towards a flawless skin, cosmetic companies are going all out to help people get rid of freckles.

Freckle removal creams provide one of the best ways to deal with these often unsightly spots on the face and sometimes on the neck and arms. We have searched for the best creams in the UK market. Here are our top 4 choices.

Best freckle removal cream – Our top picks

1. Le Fair Whitening and Lightening Serum

bleaching cream for freckles at home

Le Fair skin brightening cream is designed for the face, eyes and neck. It targets dark spots including freckles, helping to minimize their appearance or even fade them away completely. It also combats wrinkles and treats sun damage. At the same time, it evens out your skin tone, giving your face a brighter and more vibrant look.


  • Made for use with all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin.
  • Works as an anti-ageing cream as well as a freckle treatment.
  • Comes in a smooth non-greasy texture.


  • It may not be effective at completely eliminating freckles especially if they are darker than usual. This is a problem for people with really fair skin.

2. Skinapeel Anti Melanin Serum

best freckle removal cream review

If you are looking to treat any type of skin discoloration, not just freckles, this is one of the most effective topical treatments. The Skinapeel serum fades out any spots and evens out the skin tone for a brighter look.

But that is not all; it also contains vitamin E and C to protect the skin against sun damage and leave the skin looking and feeling healthier.


  • Effective against most types of skin blemishes, whether caused by sun damage, genetics or aging.
  • Hydrates the skin.


  • Many users note that the bottle is a bit troublesome to use.

3. koreangs Best Unisex Instant Whitening Cream

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This freckle removal cream works great for both women and men. By evening out skin tone, it makes your face look younger and reduces the appearance of freckles and any other discolorations. Additionally, it contains anti-ageing components (adenosine and niacin) that tackle wrinkles and leave your face looking younger.


  • Works great for a variety of skin conditions including sun spots, freckles and acne scars.
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients, which soften and smoothen the skin.


  • Some users, especially those with sensitive skin, may experience irritation or redness. If this happens, stop using the cream immediately.

4. BioRadiance Botanical Cellular Brightening Treatment

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The brightening action of this cream is caused by mandelic acid, which penetrates the skin to tackle any discoloration deep inside. Two other ingredients – kojic acid and Alpha Arbutin – also play an important role in eliminating facial spots and other blemishes.

In addition to brightening the skin and creating an even tone, it also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well as deep lines caused by muscle tension.


  • A 100% natural with all ingredients being organic. This means no artificial colorizers or fragrances.
  • Due to the slower action of mandelic acid, which penetrates the skin slowly, this cream is not likely to cause irritation for people with sensitive skin.


  • Takes longer to see any positive changes to the skin.

Important factors to consider when buying a freckle removal cream

To get the best results, you need to understand which freckle cream is right for your skin. Aside from the cost, there are other important considerations to make when you are shopping around for the right choice.

1. Safety

Before buying any cream, check the ingredients list for anything that should not be there. In an effort to achieve super-fast results, some companies can include harmful ingredients. Avoid anything with hydroquinone, mercury, alcohol or phthalates.

Ideally, a good cream should have most, if not all, of its ingredients being natural. If you have sensitive skin, play it safe and buy a certified organic freckle cream. It is less likely to cause redness, itching, irritation and other side effects.

2. Skin type

This issue rings true for any skin care product you plan to buy. Choosing the right product for your skin type is absolutely essential. Some freckle creams work well for oily skin while others are ideal for dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, you need to be even more careful about the kind of cream you buy.

If you have to buy a freckle cream that is not ideal for your skin type, get to know what other products you may need to use alongside it. For example, those with dry skin might require a moisturiser.

3. Potency

Skin discolourations vary in severity. For some, it is just a few freckles here and there. For others, it is a host of spots and blemishes that really stand out. The more serious the discolouration, the more powerful the treatment needs to be. Look for creams with slightly higher acid levels to help tackle your dark spots.


1. What else can freckle removal creams do?

Freckle removal creams are often marketed as skin lightening or brightening creams. This means that they do not just remove freckles, but also any other marks on the skin. These include sun spots and scars. They also create an even skin tone.

2. What should I do if the cream causes skin irritation?

The cream is not right for your skin and you should stop using it immediately. There could be an ingredient that is causing the reaction and further use might make things worse. Either find another cream or consult your dermatologist for advice.

3. How long before I start seeing results?

This will vary from one cream to another. Remember that different freckle removing creams have varying formulations and ingredients. While one may start producing results in a 2 or 3 days, another may take more than a week before showing any changes. The general advice is to exercise some patience before ditching a specific cream. Give it a few weeks to see whether it works. The only exception is if you experience uncomfortable side effects.

4. What causes freckles?

Freckles are small brown spots, usually found on the face or places which are more exposed to the elements than others. Freckles are caused by the production of Melanin, the polymer that is responsible for hair and skin colour.

No one is born with freckles, but some people are more prone than others to getting them – this is largely determined by skin type and genetics; if your family are freckled, there is a high chance that you will be too!

Exposure to the sun is another factor for freckled skin; the more time you spend in the sun, the more melanin your skin will produce, and the more likely you are to develop freckles.

Freckles are most often found on the face, but can also appear on the chest, arms, neck and back. People with light skin, and blonde or red hair, tend to be more susceptible to freckling than others with darker colouring.

5. How do dermatologists remove freckles?

Freckles are simply a part of the skin, and something that can make someone look different to others. Some people feel really self conscious about their freckles and want to have the removed – this is possible at a dermatologist. There are a few ways that they can do this:

  • Chemical peel. This involves using an acid based solution to the face, which removes the top layer of skin. Underneath this top layer, new, undamaged skin will be exposed, which can make freckles all but disappear. As long as you watch your sun exposure and take proper care of your skin, you can stay freckle free for a long time after this treatment.
  • Laser therapy. This treatment is done by using a laser to remove the layers of skin that contain the sun damage and freckles, by targeting the water inside the skin cells. Once the old skin cells have been removed, new cells are formed, which gives a completely freckle free appearance.
  • Cryosurgery. This is done using liquid nitrogen, which freezes the unwanted cells, destroying them to make way for the healthy new skin.

6. Does freckle removal cream work?

Over the counter creams to remove freckles typically contain some sort of fading, or bleaching agent. They can help to lighten the skin, but they can also sometimes cause issues such as skin irritation, redness, dry skin or even peeling.

  • Creams which contain Hydroquinone are best avoided, as this product – although it works at lightening the skin – has been found to cause cancer in rats, and is undergoing further study.
  • Creams containing Retinoid, a vitamin A compound, can help to lighten the skin by absorbing UV radiation, thus preventing new freckles from forming.
  • Kojic Acid in freckle creams works by penetrating the layers of skin, and helping to prevent the production of Melanin.
  • Creams with AHAs and BHAs work by removing the dead skin cells, brightening the skin.

There are also a few home remedies you can try:

  • Lemon juice. This natural astringent is thought to have lightening properties.
  • Apply buttermilk to your face and leave it for 10 minutes.
  • The lactic acid in dairy products is thought to help lighten the skin.
  • Rub a slice of onion all over your face – this acts as a gentle exfoliant.
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