Which Are The Best Makeup Brushes In The UK?

We all know the importance of make up (and makeup brushes). It can enhance your natural beauty as well as hide any unwanted blemishes, and as such it can help enormously with issues of self esteem and image. There is almost nothing nicer than walking down the street, with a flawless complexion and eye shadow that is completely on point!

Make up can help you feel like a professional for those big important work meetings; it can make you look your absolute best for your friend’s wedding photos; and it can hide areas of your face and body that you are uncomfortable with and which can otherwise sap your confidence.

Key considerations when buying a make up brush

In order to apply good make up, you need good brushes. Once you get past dressing up age, you can no longer just apply all your make up with your fingers – you have to get a bit more equipment to make it look really good.

The best make up brushes can make such a difference, and can take your make up from looking a bit amateur to professional and flawless.

There are different brushes for different applications, and although it can be a bit confusing to start with, you should find that you can get to grips with them very quickly, and you will find that you choose the right brushes fro your purposes.

The best make up brushes are specially designed for each purpose; stippling brush, brushes suitable for concealer, for blusher, for lip liner, eye shadow, and so on.

You should look for those brushes that are long lasting and high quality, and affordable enough that you don’t have to remortgage every time you want to buy a new one.

Best Make Up Brushes: Reviews

With the above factors in mind, we have scoured the masses of brushes out there on the market, and have come up with a list of the very best make up brushes.

1. Fancii Professional Makeup Brush Collection Review


This comprehensive brush collection has just about every brush you ever needed – plus a couple of extras you didn’t know you needed. It is a truly professional looking set; all the brushes have matte black handles with a copper gold finish on the metal sections, and it comes in its own dedicated vegan leather bag, which will protect your brushes from dust and dirt.

What we like about it:

  • Hypo-allergenic fibres that are easy to use and look after. The bristles on all these brushes are synthetic and thus cruelty free, plus they are designed to not irritate your skin. They are also super easy to keep clean.
  • Suitable for professionals and amateurs. Whether you are a make up artist, or someone who just likes to have all the right equipment, this brush set will help you realise your make up dreams.
  • These brushes are absorbent, allowing a better coverage of make up. The coverage offered by these bristles is second to none and will offer you a flawless, airbrushed look.
  • The set contains every brush you need. From brushes for the face, eyes and lips, you will be fully covered with this selection.
  • It is a surprisingly affordable set. You would expect to pay top dollar for this amount of good brushes, but this set is not going to break the bank – always a consideration, especially if you are a brush addict!

2. Nire Beauty Makeup Brush Set Review


A fabulous collection of make up brushes, this one even contains a Beauty Blender sponge and a brush cleaner as well as the brushes themselves. It is a compact set that comes with everything you could possibly want and more. These brushes would make a perfect gift for someone special – or a great investment for your own make up needs.

What we like about it:

  • Comes with a detailed guide. Never again do you have to wonder what a particular brush is for – this set will tell you exactly how to use your brushes, along with a few handy hints and tips to make your make up look truly professional.
  • 100% vegan synthetic bristles. For those who are concerned about cruelty, this set is for you – the bristles are synthetic and thus cruelty free. They are also hypo-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • 2 year’s manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind. It is highly unlikely that you would have any problem with these brushes, but if you do you will be totally covered by the manufacturer for 24 months.
  • This is an award winning set. It is so good that it won the Beauty Shortlist Award, so you know it is of the highest quality.
  • High quality, environmentally friendly construction. These brushes have ergonomic, FSC certified wooden handles, while the ferrules are made with recycled aluminium. You can use these to make yourself look good, while also doing good for the planet at the same time!

3. Make Up Brush Foundation Kabuki Set – Face and Eye Makeup Review


This soft set of quality brushes are suitable for liquid, cream or mineral products, making them highly versatile and ideal for any make up that you like to use. It is a full set, with a brush for every application, from foundation to concealer to blush, and just about everything in between. They don’t come with an eye or lip make up selection, but they are perfect for the whole of the rest of your face.

What we like about it:

  • Strong, quality bristles that won’t end up in your make up. No need to ruin your foundation picking stray hairs out with this set!
  • The bristles won’t absorb the product, meaning that you won’t waste any make up as it gets stuck in the bristles – it will all end up flawlessly on your face.
  • Matt black handles for good grip. You don’t have to worry about your brush slipping from your hand; these handles are chunky, easy to grip and non slip.
  • It comes in a handy storage case. As you know, storing your brushes is an important part of keeping them as good as they day you bought them, and the fact that this set comes with a pot in which you can store them properly is a great bonus.
  • Cruelty free, natural feeling brushes. These brushes will appease your conscience, as they are totally synthetic – but they feel as soft and natural as an all-hair brush.

4. Real Techniques Flawless Base Makeup Brush Set Review


This little set is a must for any make up bag. It perfectly creates a canvas of your face onto which you can apply your favourite make up – and doing it with these brushes allows a smooth, flawless, natural looking finish. Created a by well known make up artist duo, these brushes are designed for anyone who wants to make their make up look perfect.

What we like about it:

  • Contains all the brushes needed for a smooth face. Contour, Square, Detailing and Buffing brushes combine to make this a comprehensive make up brush set.
  • Comes with a brush cup and a cleansing gel. The specialist gel makes keeping your brushes clean super easy, and the handy storage cup will help keep them looking as fresh and perfect as they day you bought them.
  • Sturdy, comfortable handles. This means that you can apply your make up comfortably, without having to worry about an aching hand putting you off your stroke.
  • An affordable set for those on a budget. This set is great for someone who doesn’t want to spend the earth on expensive brushes, but they are still a good quality set of brushes.
  • Soft hairs which do not shed. You won’t find these bristles anywhere but firmly in their ferrules, doing the job they are meant to do!

5. Bamboo Makeup Brushes Start Makers 11 Pieces Natural Bamboo Make Up Brushes Set Review


An all natural set of make up brushes, these are a great addition to your make up bag – or a great starting out point for anyone who wants to invest in some quality brushes. It is a full set of brushes, with those for applying foundation, concealer and blush as well as eye shadow. These brushes are high quality and built to last, making them a sensible purchase.

What we like about it:

  • The handles are bamboo, which is a strong material which is also attractive. The natural looking effect is one of the major selling points of this set, and also makes it ideal for those who want to step away from plastics.
  • Luxuriously soft bristles. The business end of these brushes is synthetic material, so no animals were harmed in the making, and you will find them deliciously soft and smooth on your skin.
  • Comes with a convenient travel bag. You probably know that you shouldn’t store your make up brushes with the rest of your make up – now you can transport them easily in their own dedicated bag.
  • Brushes suitable for liquid and powder make up. If, like may of us, you like to use a selection of products, this set is for you – there are brushes suitable for both types.
  • Comes with a blending sponge too. You’re not just getting brushes with this set; a quality make up sponge is also included.
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