How To Become A Botox Nurse In The UK?

Whether you are just staring out in the world of work, or whether you are looking for a career change, becoming a Botox nurse can be a great career – fun, rewarding and well paid. Botox nursing is very popular with NHS nurses who have had enough of the long, gruelling hours for seemingly little pay – a Botox nursing career has far more sociable hours, shorter shifts, and you can often fit it comfortably around family commitments.

In order to become a Botox nurse there will be many things you have to do – a registered, professional Botox nurse needs to be a registered, professional nurse first. Even if you go into nursing with the view to becoming a Botox nurse, you will need to become a qualified nurse first.

Read on to learn more on how to become a Botox nurse.

What qualifications do I need to become a Botox nurse?

What qualifications do I need to become a Botox nurse

You will need a minimum of a Level 6 Nursing qualification to perform procedures on the upper face. To be a more comprehensive Botox practitioner, with the ability to deal with the more complex issues a client might face, you will need a Level 7 qualification.

In order to achieve the Level 7 qualification for Botulinum Toxin for cosmetic purposes, you will also need a prescribing license, or be able to obtain a prescription for such things from a registered prescriber.

How to become a Botox nurse in the UK

Your first step is to become a practising nurse with the NHS. This, really, is your only chance of becoming a Botox nurse in the UK – these procedures carry risks, and as such they can only be administered by a highly qualified medical person.

If you reach your nursing qualification at Bachelor degree level then you will be able to branch out and specialise in Botox administration, and you will need to follow specialised training after this to ensure that you are absolutely up to scratch with the relevant qualifications.

When you have decided to specialise in Botox nursing, there are further qualifications you can do beyond your nursing degree, that will stand you in good stead for your Botox career.

Because the Botulinium toxins in Botox are a prescription only drug, you will need to either have a prescribing license or have assistance form a practitioner who is able to prescribe (a doctor, dentist or nurse).

You can find courses in the UK that are relatively cheap and that will stand you in good stead for becoming a Botox nurse in the UK – you will receive online training and hands on experience with injecting patients (young and old); a must before you branch out on your own.

Always ensure that whatever training course you embark upon is accredited and runs in accordance with Health Education Guidelines.

How much can I earn doing Botox?

How much can I earn doing Botox

A career in Botox nursing is not only rewarding in itself, but it can be very rewarding financially too.

You can choose to work at a clinic, which will mean you are tied to a certain shift pattern but that you have job security.

You could go it alone as a mobile practitioner, meaning that you can set your own rates but that you will have sole responsibility of building up your own client base.

If you have the premises, you could set up your own clinic – but bear in mind that you would have to pay rent and business rates out of your earnings.

It is worth approaching a salon such as a hairdresser or nail salon to see if you can go into business together; many salons have spare rooms that you can use for your treatments in return for a percentage of profits.

All these options will have different levels of remuneration; if you are employed then you are of course bound by your employer’s wages. An average salary of a Botox nurse in the UK can be anywhere between £25,000 to £40,000, depending on your experience and also location.

If you go it alone then you will be able to set your own prices – but remember that you will also have to afford to live at the same time as not pricing yourself too high that no one hires you.

If you have your own clinic you will be able to demand higher prices, but you will also have to pay for your premises, and if you go in with another salon you will have to pay a percentage of your profits to the salon.

The great thing about being a Botox nurse is that the returning customers tend to be very loyal, and they will always need repeat treatments (once they see Botox actually works), so you will never be out of work.

Final words

How to become a Botox nurse in the UK is not a short course. You need to be dedicated enough to what you want that you are willing to become a standard nurse (bear in mind that there are different types of nursing; it won’t all be bedpans!) before you branch out into your chosen career or Botox practitioner.

If you put in the hard graft and set yourself up well, you could be looking at long years in a lucrative career that brings great job satisfaction and good money. Good luck!

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