How To Dry Makeup Brushes Quickly?

It can be tricky, once you have washed your brushes, to dry them fast and well enough so that you can use them again. There is nothing worse than going to use a brush without realising it is still damp, and clumping up your favourite powder or eye shadow! Before we look into how to dry makeup brushes quickly, we really should have a look at how to wash them properly, and general maintenance for your whole make up bag, to keep it fresh and as good as new.

Why wash and dry make up brushes in the first place?

Why wash and dry make up brushes

Make up brushes are constantly in contact with your face, and if you’re anything like the rest of us they are just flung straight back into the bag after you finish using them – this is far from ideal!

Keeping your brushes clean will minimise the bacteria that can build up on them and which can affect your skin, causing spots and pimples and even more serious skin irritation.

Giving your brushes a good wash will also remove the build up of make up and stray bristles, and means that the brushes will not contain any make up residue that can affect your final look.

How to wash make up brushes

Your foundation and powder brushes should be washed weekly; eye make up and concealer brushes twice a week, and any other brushes can be washed monthly.

  1. Run the bristles of the brush under lukewarm water (not hot, as the heat may damage the bristles).
  2. Fill a small bowl with lukewarm water and add one teaspoon of baby shampoo or Castille soap.
  3. Dip the bottom half of the bristles into the water and swirl them around. Avoid going higher than halfway up, as water can travel up the handle and loosen the glue that holds the bristles on.
  4. Remove the brush from the water and massage the soap into the bristles using your fingers.
  5. Run the bristles (again, just the bottom half) under lukewarm water until the water runs clear.
  6. Pat the brush dry on a towel, then reshape the bristles while the brush is still damp.
  7. Place the brush on a hard surface, with the bristles hanging over the edge, and allow them to dry.
  8. When completely dry, fluff the bristles up to soften them.

How to dry make up brushes quickly

Waiting for your make up brushes to dry naturally can take a long time, and you may need to wash and dry them quickly so you can use them again. If you want to dry your brushes quickly, there are a few tips you can try:

  • Don’t dry them in the bathroom. The moisture in the air will slow the drying process, and can even cause mildew.
  • Lay the brushes on a towel, and fold another towel over the top of them. Press down lightly on each brush with your hand, to squeeze out as much moisture as possible.
  • You can hang the brushes up by tying them to a clothes hanger and placing this over a fan in a well ventilated room.
  • It’s always best to dry brushes with the bristles facing down, so that any remaining water will not drip down onto the handle and seep into where the glue holds them in place.
  • Buy a specially designed brush holder, which places your brushes bristle side down, and allows air to circulate around them.
  • You can place your brush holder near a radiator (just not too near!) to allow them to dry a bit faster.

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Make up brush tips

Make up brush tips

  1. Always store your brushes upright in a cup or a jar.
  2. Don’t lay them bristle side down as this will bend the bristles.
  3. You can disinfect your brushes occasionally in between washes, by swirling them briefly in a vinegar and water solution then leaving them to dry.
  4. If you are taking your brushes out and about, store them flat in a dedicated brush bag.
  5. Never dry your brushes with a hair dryer. The bristles are even more sensitive than the hair on your head, and the heat can damage them.
  6. If possible, wash your brushes and hang them to dry before you go to bed, so that they will be ready to use in the morning.

Final words

Make up brushes are such an integral part of your make up bag, that it is very important to look after them in the best way you can, so that they continue to make you look the best that you can possibly look.

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