How To Get Bigger Lips Permanently Without Surgery?

Some people have naturally full, plump lips and a seductive pout. Many others, however, have smaller, thinner lips that they are desperate to increase. If you are in the latter camp, your worries are over! You don’t have to resort to surgery to make your lips bigger and fuller, so if you are terrified of going under the knife or have no desire or money to have surgery, there are a great many options for you. We have found some solutions to how to get bigger lips permanently without surgery; have a read on for some good tips.

Why do we like bigger lips?

Why do we like bigger lips

One theory behind the strive towards a fuller, kissable mouth is that it is all down to our evolution. In previous millennia, full lips would be seen as a sign of sexuality, and a female’s receptiveness to a male.

Another theory is that it makes us look younger – children have larger features than adults in general, so there is the idea that having larger lips make people feel protective towards you. Whatever the reason behind it, larger lips are a trend that appears to be sticking around!

Home solutions for bigger lips

Home solutions for bigger lips

If you don’t want to go down the surgery route, there are many things you can do at home that will make your lips appear bigger, fuller and softer:

1. Keep your lips hydrated

By drinking plenty of water, and applying a good lip balm regularly, you will be doing wonders to making your skin look younger and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

2. Facial exercises

Practising smiling, whistling and kissing are great exercise to tone up your lips and improve their appearance. If you can’t whistle and you have no one to kiss, you can practise with your pet!

3. Lip massage

Massage stimulates the blood flow and helps bring blood to the area that is being massaged – simply apply a little oil (Almond or Vitamin E is best) to your lips and massage them gently for 10 minutes or so. Don’t wash off the oil as it will be beneficial to the health of your lips too.

4. Peppermint oil

This zingy oil is slightly irritating, so it will encourage the body to send blood to the area you apply it to – if this area is your lips then you will be rewarded with bigger, fuller lips (plus, you’ll smell lovely!)

5. Cayenne pepper

Take your favourite lip balm and add a tiny amount of this common kitchen spice to it. Apply it to your lips, leave for 5 minutes then rinse it off. Cayenne is extracted from the pepper plant, so it is spicy, and applying it to your lips will send blood rushing to the area and make your lips look bigger.

6. Cinnamon oil

Another spice often found in the kitchen, Cinnamon also increases blood flow and will work wonders at plumping up your lips. Add a tiny amount of cinnamon powder to your lip balm and apply it – you don’t need to wash this one off as it will not irritate in the same way that Cayenne and Peppermint do.

7. Eat a good, varied diet

Lips are a good indicator of how healthy we are in many ways, so if you are eating a balanced diet packed with fruit and veg, legumes and nuts, your lips (and the rest of you) will be as healthy as possible.

8. Eat Flax seeds

Increasing foods which have an effect on Oestrogen levels, such as Flax seeds, can have an effect on the plumpness of your lips.

9. Learn make up tricks

Ok, this is not a permanent solution to having bigger, fuller lips – but good make up can make your lips look considerably bigger. You need to slightly over-line your lips, then add lip primer and lipstick to make your lips more plump.

Gadgets for bigger lips

If you don’t want to go down the surgery path but you want a bit more than something you can apply to your lips, there are a few other tricks you can use.

Electronic lip plumpers are available all over the internet, and these use suction to increase the size of your lips.

You simply apply them to your lips, run them for 60 seconds or so and then enjoy a good few hours of plumped up lips.

They’re not a permanent solution, but they can work wonders for the size and fullness of your lips.

Final words

If your lips are smaller than you’d like, or lack a certain plumpness, then you may think that your only route to solve this issue is surgery. But what do you do if this is not an option? You follow the ideas above, and make your lips as full and healthy as you possibly can! Nobody wants to have chapped and dry lips.

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