What Happens If You Use Expired Skin Care Products?

So, we all know the importance of a good skincare routine, right? Moisturiser, sunscreen, make up – we make sure it is of the best quality and right for our skin. But what happens if you use expired skin care products? Is it bad for your skin? What will happen – if anything? Let’s find out!

What Happens If You Use Expired Skincare Products?

expired skin care products

In general, using an expired skincare product won’t do you too much harm. It may not be as fresh as it once was, but this is not a problem if you’ve got nothing else!

However, using expired skincare products can cause some unwanted side effects. In general, this is best avoided.

Beware of bacteria

Some expired skincare products can contain bacteria, which can cause you skin issues such as fungal infections, inflammation and skin irritation.

Generally, this sort of thing is only a problem if the product has been opened – if it is sealed then it can last a good 2-3 years after its use by date.

Beware of sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, you should watch out for expiration dates even more closely, because ingredients in the products can change over time.

Changes in the chemical composition of products can cause skin problems in those with particularly sensitive skin, so keep an eye out for expiration dates.

Beware of sunscreen expiry date in particular

The one exception that you should always keep an eye on the expiration date is sunscreen. This is one product that you should always take care with.

If sunscreen goes out of date, it can lose its efficacy and become watery. You really don’t want to mess around with sunscreen!

Using out of date sunscreen can contribute to sunburn, and even bigger problems such as skin cancer.

Expired skincare products, if they are sealed, are often still fine to be used. Just make sure you check the ingredient list to ensure it will still be effective, and keep an eye on it for any changes or bad smells.

Can Skincare Be Used After Expiration Date?

The most important thing to consider here is whether the product has been opened. Most skincare is sealed to keep bacteria getting in.

If the product is still sealed but still past its sell by date, it will likely be absolutely fine, but proceed with caution.

If a skincare product is past its expiration date AND it has been opened, you should probably bin it.

Once a product is opened, bacteria can make their way into the product, and spreading this mixture on your face is not a good idea!

Products with active ingredients may become less effective over time, so it is best to use these ones well within their expiration date.

If you open the pot and the consistency looks horrible, or there is a bad smell, bin this product immediately!

The skin around the lips and eyes, particularly, should be taken care with. Eye skin is very sensitive, and the lips have capillaries that can transmit bacteria to the body.

It is not worth getting any skin issues because of using expired skincare products, so if you are in any doubt then just don’t use these products.

What Happens If You Use Expired Cosmetics?

Anything that goes onto your skin should be clean, free from bacteria, and preferably within its expiration date.

You CAN use expired make up, but there are a few things you should bear in mind:

  • Has it been opened? If you are using a sealed product that has passed its expiration date, you shouldn’t have to worry too much as no bacteria will have had a chance to get into it.
  • Is it clean? Dirty make up brushes, eye shadow that’s all mixed up with other colours, foundation that has separated into layers – all these things should be avoided.
  • Are there active ingredients? Even if a product is sealed, any active ingredients in it may lose their efficacy over time.
  • Does it smell? Using your nose is not only used to check if food is bad, you can also check your make up. Any nasty smell (unless it’s fake tan, which already stinks!) should be avoided like the plague.
  • Is there mould? This should go without saying, but if you spot any visible mould on your beauty products, you should bin it immediately – even if it’s within its expiration date.

You should always be careful with products you put on your face, especially around the delicate lip and eye area.

If you have any doubts about your expired cosmetics, just bin them – no one likes waste, but its better than getting a nasty skin reaction.

Does Expired Skincare Cause Acne?

Does Expired Skincare Cause Acne

Acne and spots are caused by, among other things, dirt, bacteria and clogged pores. Putting anything on your skin that causes these things can result in spots!

Although using an expired skin cream won’t necessarily make you instantly break out in a blanket of spots, it can cause problems with your skin.

If a product has been opened and the expiry date has passed, bacteria can get into the product and putting this on your face can cause problems!

This is especially true for sensitive skin or that which is susceptible to outbreaks of spots; you will need to be even more careful what you put on your skin.

If you find a product that has passed its expiry date but has never been opened, you will likely fare better.

If the product is unopened, bacteria won’t have had a chance to enter the product and breed, and so it shouldn’t cause too many skin problems.

If you come across an expired skincare product that is still sealed, make sure you check what type it is before you slather it all over your face, to avoid potential breakouts.

Final Words

Now you know, you can ease your mind about using expired skin care products. Although it won’t do you too much harm, it is definitely best to use products that are in date!

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