What Is A Stippling Brush Used For In Makeup?

A makeup kit can contain more than a dozen different types of brushes for different types of makeup products and application techniques. There’s a powder brush, a foundation brush, a concealer brush and others. But what is a stippling brush used for in makeup?

What Is A Stippling Brush?

stippling brush review

This brush is named so for the application technique it’s used for rather than a specific makeup product like foundation or concealer.

You can apply most makeup products using a stippling brush.

The difference between a stippling brush and other makeup brushes is how you use it.

The Use Of A Stippling Brush In Makeup

Stippling is a word used in makeup application as well as art. It refers to the use of small dots to shade or create a pattern.

When you use a stippling brush on your face, you are essentially airbrushing your skin. The brush provides a smooth flawless effect, making it especially good for covering up pigmentation, spots and other imperfections.

A stippling brush can be used to apply a superfine layer of liquid makeup, blush, highlighter or powder.

You can also use it to blend makeup that you’ve applied with another brush without affecting the makeup underneath.

How To Use A Stippling Brush

A stippling brush has thin and fine fibres. It’s mean to be handled lightly and delicately. Do not push the brushes against your skin, as that will destroy your makeup.

Dip the tips into the makeup you want to apply and then move the tips of the brush against your skin in a swirl pattern. For certain areas such as under the eyes, lightly swipe the brush against your skin.

For best results, hold the brush on its end to ensure you don’t use too much force.

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