Best Facial Steamer [Reviews And Top Picks]

After comparing dozens of brands and reading customer reviews, we think the Beurer FS50 Facial Sauna and Steam Inhaler is the best facial steamer for most people.

The OKACHI GLIYA Nano Facial Steamer is the best choice for those who are looking a premium luxury facial steamer.

The Hangsun FS80 Facial Steamer is the best budget facial steamer and provides the most value for your money.

What is a Facial Steamer?

When you go to the salon for a facial, one of the things they most likely do is blast your face with warm steam. The steam cleanses your skin and makes it easier to remove dirty oils, dead skin cells and pollutants.

The steam also makes moisturisers and other facial products work more effectively.

But you don’t have to wait until you go to the salon or spa to steam your face. There is a simple home DIY method that involves putting hot water in a bowl and then hovering your face over it.

But there’s an even more convenient and safer way to do it; use a facial steamer.

Also called a facial sauna, a facial steamer consists of a heating mechanism that heats water to produce steam and an opening where you rest your face.

A facial steamer does the same thing as the professional steaming process in the salon. It unclogs your pores to get rid of gunk and softens your skin to allow deeper penetration of creams and moisturisers.

Benefits of using a Facial Steamer

  • Great for deep-cleaning. It goes beyond what you can achieve with just soap and water.
  • Treats and prevents acne breakouts by getting rid of oil build-up deep in the skin pores.
  • Removes whiteheads and blackheads without scarring.
  • Allows better intake of nourishing skin care products including anti-aging, moisturizing and firming creams and oils.
  • When inhaled, the steam helps with asthma, stuffy nose, colds and other respiratory conditions.

How to use a Facial Steamer

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting up the facial steamer. This usually involves adding distilled water to the steamer and connecting it to a power outlet.

Make sure you add the right amount of water. Most saunas come with a measuring cup you can use to add the exact amount recommended.

You’ll have to give the steamer 3-5 minutes to preheat. During this time, do a facial pre-cleanse. Use a mild cleanser and rinse with cold water.

When the steamer is ready place your face over the opening. If the steam is too hot lift your head higher or lower the steam output/temperature if there’s such a setting.

You should use a steamer for between 5 and 20 minutes.

When you are done, wash your face with a cleanser and rinse several times to remove oils, dead skin cells and dirt that have been brought up to the surface of the skin. Finally, apply a moisturizer.

Wait for the steamer to cool and then discard the water and wash the machine as directed by the manufacturer.

What to consider when choosing a Facial Steamer

Make sure the facial steamer you are about to buy is easy and comfortable to use. The opening should be designed to fit your face and the settings should be easy to operate.

Look for extra features like anti-dry protection (steamer turns off when there’s no water), low noise operation, steam sanitization and fast heat-up.

Buttons for setting a timer and adjusting steam output are not a must but are nice to have.

The Best Facial Steamers [UK Market]

Best Facial Steamer for Most People: Beurer FS50 Facial Sauna and Steam Inhaler


  • Easy to setup and use.
  • Steam output settings.
  • Steam inhaler attachment.


  • No timer or temperature setting.
  • Face opening is a bit too wide.


This is a 2-in-1 facial sauna and steam inhaler. The main attachment fits over your entire face while a smaller attachment is designed to fit over just your nose and mouth.

It’s really easy to use. They’ve even included a measuring cup to measure the right amount of water. So you just need to add the water to the steamer and then plug it in.

The water heats up quickly; it takes less than five minutes.

There is a dial on the side where you can change how much steam is coming out. There are two levels to choose from. Choose the lower setting if the steam feels too hot.

The plastic top is quite big, perhaps too big. While it fairly comfortably to rest your face on, you are still left with sizable gaps where the steam escapes. You may have to drape a towel over your head to keep the steam inside.

What it does best

You are going to love the versatility of this facial steamer.

For instance, it does not just steam your face; you can also use it as a steam inhaler. There is a separate smaller attachment that fits over your nose and mouth. It’s handy for when you have a cold or a stuffy nose. It’s also great for reliving asthma, dry coughs and blocked sinuses.

Another great feature is the ability to vary steam output. If you want a stronger blast just turn the dial to 2. If you want a gentle steam that won’t irritate your sensitive skin, keep it at the lowest setting.

That’s not all.

You can also use this steamer as an essential oil diffuser. Just add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the water. Use the steamer as normal to cleanse your face or let the steam carry the essential oil aroma around the room.

Flaws but not deal breakers

The top opening is a bit too big and let’s steam escape. But you can easily use a towel over your head to keep the steam inside.

Another common complaint is about the quality of the steamer itself. It doesn’t feel very solid. So make sure you handle it with care.

I wish they’d also added an anti-dry safety feature which automatically turns off the steamer when there’s no water. A timer would have also been nice in case you get carried away.

What other customers think

While many customers agree that it has a few flaws, they say it’s a great steamer overall especially for the price. You’ll get good value for your money.

Should you buy it?

Definitely, check the latest price here. If you are looking for a facial steamer that is easy to use, affordable and comes with a nose and mouth steam inhaler attachment, this is the best.

Best Premium Facial Steamer: OKACHI GLIYA Nano Facial Steamer


  • Easy to use.
  • Sanitizes steam.
  • Uses both vapour and nano steam to provide a deeper facial cleansing.
  • Auto shut-off.


  • No steam output or temperature settings.
  • No steam inhaler attachment.


This one is a bit more expensive than the others but it comes with extra features to make up for it. It’s the best choice if you are looking for a premium facial steamer or want to upgrade from your current one.

It works a bit differently from other facial steamers. Instead of just heating water, it also utilizes an atomizer.

The atomizer breaks water into fine particles that then mix with normal heated steam as it comes out of the steamer. The result is a more consistent steam output. Additionally, the super-fine mist is able to penetrate deeper into the skin compared to normal water vapour.

This facial sauna uses a ceramic heating element to heat and vaporise the water. It works faster than standard heating elements, meaning less time for you to wait around for the steam to start coming out. While most steamers take 3-5 minutes to be ready, this one takes just 30 second to start releasing steam.

The double-sided mirror at the top is a nice touch. You can see what’s happening to your face as you steam.

As for ease of use, there is nothing complicated about this steamer. Just add water to the tank, plug it in and use the one-touch button to get started.

What it does best

This facial steamer is excellent when it comes to safety.

For one, it has an integrated UV lamp. As the steam comes out of the anti-microbial aluminium nozzle, it is sterilized by UV light. This ensures that the steam reaching your skin is clean and safe especially if you have extra-sensitive skin.

However, you still need to use distilled water in the tank.

The water container is BPA-free. This ensures the steam is free of harmful chemicals and doesn’t carry any plastic smells.

Another safety feature is auto-shut off. The water in the tank lasts about 15 minutes. When it’s all gone, the steamer will shut off automatically to prevent any damage to the electronics.

Flaws but not deal breakers

There are some downsides to the 1-button simplicity of this steamer. There is no button for changing the steam temperature or output. There is also no timer in case you want to steam for less than the default 15 minutes it takes for the water to dry up.

Unlike the Beurer FS50, this one does not come with extra attachments. You cannot use it as a steam inhaler.

What other customers think

The steamer has mostly positive reviews with customers saying it’s easy to use, very well made and great for a deep cleanse.

Should you buy it?

If you don’t mind spending a little bit more money, it’s a great facial steamer. The extra features are worth it. Check the latest price here.

Best Budget Facial Steamer: Hangsun FS80 Facial Steamer


  • Easy to use.
  • Safety auto shut-off.
  • 2-in-1 steamer and inhaler functions.
  • Heat settings.


  • Can get uncomfortably hot on the highest setting.
  • Vague instructions.


If the Beurer FS50 is not what you were looking for, this is a great alternative. It’s also a 2-in-1 facial sauna and steam inhaler.

The steamer is quite easy to use. There is a measuring cup included and a detailed user manual to guide you.

Once you add water to the tank and plug the steamer into an outlet, the steamer takes about 3 to 4 minutes to start producing steam.

You can then select your preferred steam temperature. The two options are low and high. Several users recommend setting it on high at the beginning and then using the ‘low’ setting during your steaming session.

This keeps the steam at just the right temperature; not uncomfortably hot but still warm enough to open up your pores.

The opening is ergonomically designed. Your face fits perfectly over it without leaving large gaps on the sides.

There is no timer in the steamer so you have to keep track of time some other way. But don’t worry if you get carried off and forget to turn it off. The steamer has an auto shut-off feature. If all the water in the tank dries up, it will switch off automatically.

What it does best

The versatility of this steamer is impressive. There’s so much you can do with it.

Let’s start with the two main functions. It’s a facial steamer and it’s also a steam inhaler. The main attachment is for the face but you can replace it with a smaller attachment for your nose and mouth. So if you have a cold or a stuffy nose, you can use the steamer to get some relief.

It’s also an essential oil diffuser. It comes with an attachment where you are supposed to put a piece of cotton wool soaked with a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

However, customers say that not all models come with this attachment. If yours doesn’t have one, you can also add the essential oil directly into the water.

Flaws but not deal breakers

The most common complaint from customers is that the high setting is a bit too hot to use. It can even burn your skin.

That’s why some recommend starting with high and then switching to low.

The other issue is about the instructions. The manual is not very well written and the instructions can be a bit vague at times.

What other customers think

They love it. Many say it’s easy to use and works really well.

Should you buy it?

Yes, check the latest price here. It’s quite versatile and for the price, you won’t get anything better.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do facial steamers really work?

Using steam on your face is a cheaper option than some of the expensive creams and lotions that you can buy. And, the great thing is that it really does work!

Facial steaming works by opening the pores on your face and allowing a deeper cleanse. It can also improve circulation, nourishing your skin with the extra blood flow.

Steaming is a natural moisturiser, bringing hydration to the skin by increasing the production of the natural oils.

It can help with the production of Collagen and Elastin, two of the components that make healthy, young looking skin.

After steaming, skin can absorb products better. Applying topical skincare products after a steam will improve their absorption, thus giving you more value for money for your skin care products.

Steaming can really help with acne and retained sebum. The bacteria that get trapped in the pores of the skin that cause acne, spots and other breakouts can be gently removed by the action of the steam.

2. Can I use a facial steamer every day?

Although steaming is harmless to the face, it is not recommended that you do it every day. You may think “It’s just steam, what harm can it do?” but actually, steaming your face too often can cause your skin to become irritated, negating the reasons that you use it in the first place!

It is recommended that you start gently with your steaming; begin with one session per week, and you can bump it up to per week if your skin responds well. Take it slow, and you should see brilliant results!

3. Can you use tap water in a facial steamer?

It is not recommended to use anything but distilled water in your facial steamer. All the manufacturers will tell you to use distilled water, and you might think that you can cut corners and just use tap water – but there are downsides to this. Yes, tap water is cheaper – but it can cost you in the long run.

Not only can tap water clog up the machine – it is filled with minerals that are not present in distilled water, and can contain limescale that can prevent the machine working well – and it can also affect your skin.

The impurities contained in tap water can end up sitting on your face, and can cause problems there, unlike the distilled water that has undergone a long cleaning and boiling process.

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