How To Get Rid Of Turkey Neck With Surgery

Neck exercises can help reduce sagging and jowls around your chin and neck though results take time to show.

They are also not very effective for people with a severe ‘turkey neck’, the name used to refer to the sagging that often blurs the distinction between the chin and neck.

The most effective way to get rid of turkey neck quickly is with cosmetic surgery. A surgeon will contour your neck to eliminate sagging skin and create a better chin and neck definition.

Depending on your current appearance and what look you want to achieve, different types of surgical procedures can be used.

Here are the three common ones used to reduce or eliminate turkey neck.

Talk to a certified cosmetic surgeon to determine which type of procedure will work best for you. Read on to learn more on how to get rid of turkey neck with surgery.

Neck liposuction

Neck liposuction

Neck liposuction is one of the simplest and quickest neck contouring procedures. It’s usually performed under local anesthesia.

Neck liposuction is used when the main cause of turkey neck is excess fat under the skin. The surgeon makes an incision behind the ears or under the chin and removes excess fat.

This eliminates the appearance of a turkey neck and improves the overall facial appearance.

Full recovery takes about 2 weeks with a chin strap required for the first 3-4 days.

Because liposuction does not address loose skin, it’s recommended for younger patients – 20s to early 50s – whose skin is still elastic and can contract after the surgery.

Neck lift surgery

For a turkey neck caused by loose skin or muscles around the neck, a neck lift surgery is the best procedure.

The cosmetic surgeon will recommend either cervicoplasty, to get rid of loose skin, or platysmaplasty, to tighten neck muscles.

Through incisions behind the ear, and sometimes also under the chin, the doctor tightens loose skin and muscles.

As long as you don’t have excess fat under the chin, this should reduce or eliminate the appearance of a turkey neck, giving your chin and neck better definition.

It can also reduce or eliminate sagging jowls as well as wrinkles.

Full recovery takes about two weeks with the most common side effects being some swelling and bruising.

Combined neck and facial procedures

Combined neck and facial procedures

Your doctor may recommend combining neck contouring with a facial procedure to create a more comprehensive and balanced look.

The right facial procedure to complement a neck lift or liposuction depends on your needs

Here are the common facial cosmetic surgeries that accompany neck surgery.

  • Facelift: A facelift generally also includes neck contouring. It improves a sagging neck, jowls and any other loose skin around the face and neck. Depending on your situation, a cosmetic surgeon may recommend a comprehensive facelift instead of neck contouring. A facelift can also get rid of folds and wrinkles on your face.
  • Nose surgery: A Rhinoplasty, or cosmetic nose surgery, can significantly improve the results of neck contouring. It can involve correcting a crooked nose, reducing the size of a nose that’s too wide for the face or making the nose more symmetrical.
  • Chin augmentation: If removing a turkey neck doesn’t get you quite the results you are looking for, the doctor may recommend chin augmentation to further enhance your chin and neck appearance. This procedure involves inserting an implant under the skin and depositing it on the chin bone. Chin augmentation is usually combined with neck liposuction. In fact, the same incisions used for liposuction can be used to insert the implant.

What are the risks of removing turkey neck with surgery?

All cosmetic surgeries carry some risks. The doctor will inform you of these risks prior to the procedure.

They include bleeding, skin discoloration, infection, reduced sensation (usually temporary but sometimes permanent), nerve damage and scarring.

It’s important to follow the doctor’s instructions during recovery to reduce the risk of an infection and other complications.

How long will the results last?

Getting rid of turkey neck with surgery is usually a long-term procedure. The results last for years even as you age.

Sometimes however, additional procedures may be required to maintain the results of the surgery.

For instance, if you gain weight the doctor may recommend another liposuction. Your skin and muscles may also require re-tightening after some time. It is also a good idea to combine the procedure with the use of neck and decollete creams.

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