What (Not) To Do After Botox {Tips & Care}

So, you’ve bitten the bullet and booked yourself your first Botox treatment. You are excited to see the results, and to step out in your new, youthful face! Calm down a bit – it is sensible to find out some sensible after care regimes and things you can do afterwards to make the most of your treatment. Read on to learn more on what not to do adfter Botox.

How Botox works

How Botox works

When you first go for your Botox treatment, you will have a discussion about what you want to achieve with your treatment, and your healthcare provider will discuss your options with you and give you a full overview about what to expect and how to deal with the after care.

You will be injected with Botox – made form the Botulinum toxin – which will start to relax the muscles in your face, removing fine lines and preventing new ones forming.

The effects of the Botox will start to work within about 10 days, and you will notice a fresher, more youthful face for anything between three and six months.

What to do after Botox

  • Directly after the treatment, you should stay upright for at least four hours, to allow the substance to settle in the areas you want it to.
  • Your provider should give you some facial exercise to do, which will help spread the treatment around in the areas you want it to go.
  • Always go with a trusted, reputable Botox provider, to make sure are in the safest hands and to avoid any potential unwanted side effects.
  • If you are applying make up or washing your face, use a light patting motion rather than a rubbing one, and be as gentle as you can to your skin.
  • When you go to bed, sleep on your back if you possibly can, or your side – not your front.

What not to do after Botox

  • Do not massage your face, and try to avoid rubbing it or touching it too much.
  • Avoid lying down, as this may spread the Botox into places that you don’t want it to go.
  • You should not engage in excessive exercise for at least 6 hours – use this as an excuse to skip the gym!
  • No alcohol for 12 hours after the treatment, as this can affect the blood circulation, and can make you less aware of being careful of your face.
  • Avoid strong sunlight, saunas, and very cold temperatures for two weeks after your treatment.
  • Avoid Ibuprofen, Aspirin and blood thinning medication before the treatment, and for a few hours afterwards too, if you can – this will minimise the risk of bruising in your face.
  • Do not have any facial treatment, such as massages or facials, for at least two weeks – this can cause the Botox to spread to other muscles.

General after care

  • Using an ice pack before, during and after Botox treatment can help minimise the risk of bruising and swelling.
  • If you do end up with a little bruising, topical Vitamin K cream can help, as can homeopathic Arnica.
  • A green or yellow concealer will work wonders at covering bruises. If you get serious bruising then it is worth going back to your provider to see if they can give you any laser treatments to hide it.
  • If you are not satisfied with the results, or if you find after a few days that you need a touch up, go back to your provider – they should contact you at around the 10 day mark anyway, so you can discuss any concerns at that time.
  • Remember, that if you experience any serious side effects or complications you should call your doctor immediately.

Botox after care should also include a regime where you take care of your skin in the best possible way. You should always:

  • Limit your time in the hottest part of the day.
  • Always wear appropriate sun protection.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body and skin hydrated.
  • Limit your alcohol intake.
  • Stop smoking if you do, and don’t start if you have never smoked.
  • Try to reduce stress in your life (mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques can help enormously).
  • Have a gentle, cleansing skin care routine.
  • Invest in a good eye cream.

Final words

Botox is a simple and safe procedure

Botox is a simple and safe procedure, that is effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It is so effective that literally millions of people enjoy this process on a regular basis.

As long as you do your research, find the best provider that you possibly can, and follow the Botox after care directions from your Botox provider, you should be able to become one of these many people who enjoys the benefits of Botox.

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